Quickly share scores and setlists, turn pages on multiple tablets, and synchronize libraries regardless of what type of tablet is being used.

Sharing Features

Export scores or setlists into a single file that can be shared. Share a setlist without needing to send PDFs when multiple MobileSheets users are sharing the same library. Export PDFs with annotations included to share with musicians not using MobileSheets.

Connect Tablets

Connect any number of tablets over WiFi, or up to seven tablets over bluetooth, to allow one leader tablet to control all of the followers. Load scores or setlists on one device and the other devices will load the same scores or setlists. Optionally synchronize page turns or let each musician manage their own page turns.

Library Synchronization

Synchronize device libraries quickly over WiFi or to a cloud folder in order to share with multiple users. Choose which fields you want to synchronize, allowing each musician to keep their own annotations, settings and/or metadata, while still getting the latest scores and library updates.


Easily work with other MobileSheets users on Android, Windows and iPadOS. Simplify interactions with other musicians thanks to a common user interface and features that work the same on all three versions.