Connect MIDI instruments using USB or Bluetooth in order to select registrations, sync the metronome tempo or trigger actions in MobileSheets. Utilize the KORG and Yamaha-specific features to quickly set up connections with supported keyboard models.

MIDI Commands

Send and receive all standard MIDI messages including patch select, control change, program change, and system exclusive. Send multiple commands at once, add pauses between commands for more complex scenarios, or handle the loading of registrations with system exclusive messages.

Connection Options

Connect to your MIDI devices over USB and Bluetooth, as well as WiFi on iPadOS. Use port filtering to send and receive messages only to selected MIDI ports. Send MIDI messages on different channels and only load scores when messages are received on a specific channel.

KORG Support

Use the KORG number command to easily link scores in MobileSheets to songs on the keyboard. KORG keyboards that support the KORG number command include the Pa4X, Pa3X, Pa3XLe, Pa900, Pa600, Pa300, HAVIAN 30, Pa2X, Pa800, Pa500, Pa588, Pa1x, Pa1000, Pa5X, and Pa700. KORG has provided a document with additional information about setting up the KORG number commands.

Yamaha Genos, SX600/700/900 Support

Use the linking feature with the Yamaha Genos and SX keyboards to quickly associate scores in MobileSheets with registrations on the keyboard. Loading the score in MobileSheets will load the registration on the keyboard and vice versa. Setting up the link between MobileSheets and the keyboard is as simple as tapping a button on the MIDI page in the song editor.

MIDI Actions

Configure MIDI commands to trigger actions including playing audio, automatic scrolling, switching scores, and more.

Tempo Synchronization

Synchronize the metronome tempo with external MIDI devices or other applications like the Soundbrenner metronome. The tempo will automatically switch when a different score is loaded.

Sending and Receiving

Configure a score to send a list of MIDI commands when that score is displayed or load the score when assigned MIDI commands are received. Cycle through multiple songs by configuring each song with the same MIDI commands.

MIDI Smart Buttons

Trigger smart buttons with a tap or pedal press to send a list of MIDI commands. Handle more complex scenarios by using smart buttons to send MIDI messages at different points in a score instead of just at the start.