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Full Version: Batch editing PDF titles
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Can anyone recommend a program/app preferably free, that will batch edit PDF file names. I have a fake book - 350 pages - with all the titles preceded by a 3 digit number which I would like to remove.

I haven't used it in many years, but you may wish to try

It's a highly versatile program which should do as you request, but it may take a little figuring out at first. I suggest you do a test renaming of a few files first to make sure you've set it to rename the files as expected.
Totalcommander can do this, too (besides many other things).
You can use the shareware version before buying without restrictions.
I just love Total Commander - it's a wonderful too, which I've been using for years and there's so much it can do, in terms of file manipulation. I see it's now available for Android, so I'll have to check it out for the tablet.