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Full Version: MobileSheets v3.4 and Vacation
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MobileSheets v3.4 has been released and fixes the following issues:

- Fixed alternating row color bug where all rows turn gray
- Fixed various layout issues, and made all text the same size on the song editor screen
- Added 'Remove Song From Setlist' option to the library song menu when you press and hold
- Added option to 'Try Again' when selecting a random song to generate a new selection
- Changed 'Create Song From This' menu option to 'Copy Song'

There have been quite a few updates in the past couple weeks, but this one will be the last for a little while. I am also leaving on a week long vacation, and will be completely unable to check email or respond to posts on the forum. I hope the application works well for everyone in the meantime, and I will respond to people as soon as possible when I return. Thanks everyone for all of the bug reports, suggestions, and feedback.

Have a great vacation Mike. You deserve it!
(07-28-2012, 04:50 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]MobileSheets v3.4 has been released and fixes the following issues:

I'm using MS on a Kindle Fire, and it shows that I'm still on Version 3.3. I went to the Amazong App store and they also show only 3.3 for purchase. Any idea how long it takes to get the 3.4 update thru to Amazong? I just got the KFire and haven't seen other apps that have newer versions, and I hope this isn't an FAQ someplace.

(Do I have to go purchase the upgrade from Amazong, or is it downloaded to my KFire automatically or ???).

Thx and hope you had a great vacation!

There was some lag time in submitting versions, so I think I still need to submit 3.4 to Amazon. I'll take care of it as soon as I can. Thanks for reminding me. Once the update is available, it should download automatically to your Kindle Fire.