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Full Version: SQLite info for wannabee MobileSheets hackers?
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Hey Mike,

I appreciate that fully featured batch editing will probably take quite a while to implement, and I'm guessing you're busy with v5 and other stuff right now anyway. However it strikes me that quite a lot of batch operations could be managed pretty easily by operating directly on the SQLite database - right?

If I'm right, I understand that you may worry about encouraging this due to the risk of people accidentally hosing their database! However I think it would be great if you could provide a few tips on doing this and the risks can easily be mitigated by mentioning that the database MUST be backed up before doing this - and if it makes you feel more comfortable about the idea, that any warranty on data integrity is rendered void once the database has been tinkered with directly. If you were able to highlight any pitfalls (e.g. I'm guessing the app needs to be properly closed before database editing takes place) then the more technically-minded people in these forums who know SQL could probably help out everyone else whenever they need to perform some batch operation which is not yet implemented.

Those caveats aside, the table schema you have chosen seems at first glance to be very nicely designed - clean and intuitive. The only thing I can't work out is where the locations of the PDF files are stored? And unfortunately that's the thing I need to understand most, because I moved all my PDFs after a batch import, so currently most of the songs have dangling references to non-existent PDF files!

Keep up the great work, and thanks a lot for listening!
Hello Adam,

In the current version of MobileSheets, the table you are looking for is called "Images" (I'm renaming this to "Files" in version 5). For each entry, it has a "SongId" field which has to correspond to the song that owns it, and a path to the file in the "Image" field. So to do what you are asking, for each song you would need to retrieve its id (the primary key field), and then do a query of the images table to see which files it uses, and for each result in the query, look at the Image field to see what the path to the file is.

As I mentioned previously, the column names and structure of the table are changing in version 5 (more fields are being added as well to track additional information), so the database will have better names for tables/columns very soon.

I hope that helps,
Awesome! Mike, you rock ;-)

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Now, this is trully customer support making customers happy :-)