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Full Version: Return to Library using pedal
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Hi Mike,

I've upgraded to CustomROM with Android 4.4. I really like fullscreen mode, but it's a little bit hard to return to library when song ends - you have to swipe from top of the screen and then press return button to get back to library and select new song/setlist.

Would it be possible to add feature that if I'm at end of the song, I press pedal once, MobileSheets will tell me "Press pedal again to return to library", I press it again and it will close song and I can select new one?
Have you tried just hitting the back button on the tablet itself? This exits the current song and goes back to the library screen.

I use performance mode, so I can't access back button in MS itself in left upper corner if you were reffering to this. And also my tablet doesn't have hardware back button and soft ones disappear in fullscreen mode so I can't hit directly any button.
The soft ones don't completely disappear - they are just dimmed. You can always tap on the dim area at the bottom and all three buttons will appear again. If you are using a Nexus 10 running Android 4.4 (KitKat), then you have the option for a true full screen mode. If you enable this, you can access the navigation buttons by swiping up on the bottom of the screen.

(03-31-2014, 03:46 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]The soft ones don't completely disappear - they are just dimmed.

This fooled me the first time I used it and I found myself prodding in the wrong place half the time. I posted my extremely low-tech solution before, but it's probably worth repeating here.

Using a light coloured nail varnish (I used silver) I marked the location of the three soft buttons on the surround of the tablet. Never gone wrong since Wink .
You can also disable the dimming in the settings if you don't like it.
Thanks for you answers, but still, would it be possible to add this feature - of course as option if user wants to use it...
I'll mark it down for a future update. It would be disabled by default under the pedal settings.