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Full Version: Looping Defined For Version 5
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Really excited about version 5 if it includes the kind of looping on my wish list. First of all I am a heavy user of audio playback of backing tracks. The biggest problem is that the tracks play as recorded without any control of the number of choruses. We store multiple tracks with various numbers of chorus repeats. I just purchased on audio looper so that I can loop the number of choruses .

This is what I want on the tablet. My Digitech Solo XT will playback stereo wave files seamlessly until you you push the pedal to stop. This is what I need. If Mobile Sheets can loop within an audio track it will be vastly superior to my $150 pedal because of the screen and other features.

Up until I read the announcement yesterday I was going to record choruses for looped playback and store the notes in Mobilesheets. If you can do this within mobile sheets every one using tracks will want Mobile Sheets. Hoping my concept is similar to yours?

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That's absolutely what I had in mind for the a-b looping. You just set the a-b loop points in the audio track, then enable the a-b repeat. Another way to accomplish the same thing is to set the start/end points of the track to the range you want, and then you just tap the repeat button in the audio player. Either way will work for your needs (it sounds like). If you may sometimes want to play the entire track, a-b looping is the most convenient, but if you only ever need to play a certain section of the track, the latter is probably more convenient.

This will be an invaluable feature for me and my partner. Using example 1...set loop start a, set loop end b, then enable a - b repeat. Hit play and material before a plays up a. The section from a to b plays in a loop until repeat is turned off then plays past b to the end. In example to only a - b is played and looped?

If continuous audio play of audio track both before and after is possible then MS equals my dedicated pedal.
Let me know if above is correct.

Great feature!

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The one thing I hadn't really considered is allowing playback from the start of the track to the "a" point when a-b looping is enabled. The way it's implemented right now, if a-b looping is enabled, it starts playback at a. If you turned off a-b looping, it would continue past b though. The question I have to ask is: would most people want playback outside the a-b loop points while a-b looping is enabled? I would think not... So either I would need to add an additional setting to support this, or you would have to enable the a-b looping once it was inside the correct spot in the track (activating the a-b looping could be tied to a pedal press or screen corner tap).

Let me know what you would prefer (I assume an additional setting of some kind), and I can make it happen.

As a jazz player our charts have an intro, choruses and ending. Intros are more important than endings because they set up the tune. Intros are typically 4 to 8 bars long. All of our tunes loop the between the intro and ending. Currently we write our arrangements for it to play 2 to 6 times then play the ending. This is what all pop and jazz players do live. I am reasonably certain almost everyone would want this flexibility.

I will also pay extra for a deluxe version that allows two or more loop ponts per track. When a band plays live they do a vamp loop until the soloist starts the chorus. The chorus then plays until the someone signals time to end. In jazz and rock the ending may repeat numerous times before ending. This would be the ultimate looper.

Any looping will be great but allowing user defined set points will vastly improve your excellent product. Allowing adjustable set points within will put you ahead of the hardware pedals.

Thanks for reading and more importantly listening.

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Setting loop points live is chancy. Set and store with song would be best as long as loop can be toggled off. Setting loop points live might also be worthwhile for practice.


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