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Full Version: New version of mobilesheets vs old version
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I sold my old tablet that has an older version of mobilesheets to a friend. It has 400 pdf songs on it that they would like to save. They want to buy a newer version in their name. The question I have is this: Do I have to delete the older version of mobile sheets be fore purchasing the newer version? If I do how do I protect the songs that are on it? Would it work if I did a backup on sd card and after new version is installed do a batch import? Any help would be appreciated. Jim
Hello Jim,

The first thing you would want to do is perform a library backup of MobileSheets (load MobileSheets, then go to Options->Utilities->Backup Library). This will generate a .msb file that contains your entire library. You can then safely uninstall MobileSheets. You then need to make sure your friend sets up the tablet with his/her google account. Once you do this, only purchases on his/her account will be available. Your friend would have to purchase the application for themselves on Google Play. Once they do this, they can install & load MobileSheets, then go to Options->Utilities->Restore Library from Backup. They can then select the .msb file you generated, and the entire library will be restored.