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Full Version: Multiple Audio Files
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It's taken me long enough, but I have just twigged the fact that you can associate more than one audio file with a single piece of music.

Now, I could possibly have a use for this but I find, if there are several audio files, the only way of accessing the one you want is to scroll through using the 'next track/previous track' buttons. Alright if you only have a couple of tracks, but a bit of a PITA if there are several.

For consideration, how about a drop down list? Direct access would be much quicker and easier.
Version 5 is introducing a whole new audio player. Part of this audio player is a minimal/compact view, a normal view, and a large view. The large view has a playlist where you can tap on the song you want to play. You'll have to let me know if this is good enough, or if you would like a dropdown list somewhere.

As a side note, if you open the overlay, and tap on the play button, this will show the media player window. I believe there is a dropdown in this window that lets you change tracks. I have no control over the existing media controller UI as this is a generic thing Google provides (hence why I made my own in version 5).

I usually have the overlay disabled (for the most obvious of reasons) but I'll give it a whirl - might well be all I need.

I realise there will be many changes in v5, which is one reason I said this wasn't to be considered for that release. Sounds like it's an issue that will vanish anyway.