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Full Version: Path to micro SD
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Hallo together,

I do my first steps with MobileSheets, with an Android Tablet and with Page Flip Cicada.

I want connect PDF´s to MobileSheets, which are on a microSD in the tablet. The tablet is a Mobii1325 from point of view with Android 4.1.

My problem as a Winuser is, that I cannot find the path to the PDF´s saved on the microSD.


Sorry, I see, my question is on the wrong place.
Is this an external SD card that you are trying to access? The file browser will typically look at /sdcard/ or /mnt/sdcard by default, but an external sd card is usually at either /extSdCard or /mnt/extSdCard, so you will need to navigate to this folder before you try to locate the folder where you put the files on the SD card.

Thank you, I´ve found it.
I want to save all my sheets, that is on my normal Laptop on this micro SD.

What is the right way to bring them to the setlist; have tried it with one, but without success.