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I would not mind an upgrade fee in any way. At all. I love this app and the ability to store things on my SD card alone would be worth it for me!! I use all sorts of professional music software (MIDI, audio, notation, sequencing etc) and know the risks of upgrading, especially with works-in-progress. I always wait until I have some down time to do my upgrades so that my paying projects don't get interrupted. I'm sure all the pros here are very much the same in that regard.
No doubt, an upgrade as announced deserves to be paid. In any case I will donate your hard work.
Take your time!
I just got MS and I am impressed! I'd have no problem paying full price for the Pro version.
Hi Mike,
do you have an approximate release date? Thanks.
MSPro is available now. It was released on the 13th, yesterday.
I've been working very hard on updating the website and getting everything ready for MS Pro. I still need to make official announcements and put out an update for the original MobileSheets so that people are notified of the release.

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