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Full Version: Metronome bug
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The tempo setting for a song in the pull-out window is very useable, but if the tempo is not set for a song, it remembers the value from the last shown with tempo saved. It is inappropriate, because you then don't know if it is the right value for the song or if it is not set yet.
Suggestion: If the tempo is not set for a song the initial tempo value could be 0 or 1. Then is is obvious that it is not set.

best regards Jens-Erik
I absolutely can default the tempo to 10 (the absolute minimum allowed currently) if that would be useful. I'll include that with the next update. Thanks!

Thank you.
It works in somgs, but unfortenately it does not seem to be transfered with the songs in the setlists.

I'll take a look at this. Thanks.
And another useful feature regarding the tempo, would be a corresponding field in the Edit song, where the tempo could be typed in and viewed.
It would help when you e.g. plans medleys with same tempo.