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Full Version: MobileSheets for Windows 8 tablets
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Wanting to be able to use MobileSheets as reader and not just companion on my Windows Surface Pro 3
As far as I know, any Windows implementation is some way off. Only Mike could give you any sort of time scale.
I'm new here. Who's Mike and will he see this thread or do I need to contact him otherwise?
Mike is the author of this software and is a regular visitor to the forum - he will see your post, no doubt about that.
Hello katewickham,

I'm currently working on finishing the next version of MobileSheets for Android, so I haven't really been able to focus any of my attention on the Windows version. The Windows version is going to be a port of the Android version, so I really need that version to be done first anyways. Graeme is right though - it's a little ways off still.

That's a very good question - I'm not sure. I'll have to try it out and get back to you.

Today I found a very adequate solution to run MS and many other Android favorites like the IMSLP app. Just install 'DuOS'. It is the best emulator I've come across and it recognises all sensors of my Surface Pro 3. This is really awesome as I did not like the MusicReader solution. Integration with W8.1 is very smooth. App store has to be installed seperately and you have to adapt the full-screen settings, but now my scores are almost original size!
A Windows version of MS would still be very nice, but I can live woth this very well.
I had a little play around with DuOS - seems to work fairly well, although a little flaky in places. I was using a non-touchscreen laptop, running Win 8.1. MS ran well and I can see this as a good interim solution until Mike releases a proper Windows version of MS.

Having said that, with all the emulators that are starting to appear, I'm beginning to wonder if it's really worth the coding and debugging effort?
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