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Full Version: One PDF with multiple songs.
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I added yesterday my first PDF use companion with multiple songs on it. After reading the manual I suppose that only one pdf file is added to /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheets/files but using the file manager on the tablet I see many copies of the file with a suffix like "_24", "_25" and so on ...

But in companion the file path is the same for all files without the suffix. ┬┐Am I doing something wrong or it's a bug?


Well .... I'll answer to myself.

I was adding the songs using drag&drop again anda again for each song, and now I have discovered the "copy song" in the popup menu that use the same pdf file.

Excuse my mistake.

Is there a way to edit the songs with my previous mistake without begin again from zero?
When files are copied into the MobileSheets storage directory in v4.1.6, numbers are added to ensure the files are unique. I am no longer doing this in MobileSheetsPro - file names must be unique, otherwise a dialog is presented to rename the new file or overwrite the existing file.

Is the numbering going to be a problem? if so, you will want to put your files on the tablet SD card and not use the companion app to transfer them. You will also need to disable the copy options in MobileSheets, which it sounds like you have found. MobileSheets will then use the files from the location you import them from.

(10-17-2014, 10:22 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]When files are copied into the MobileSheets storage directory in v4.1.6, numbers are added to ensure the files are unique. I am no longer doing this in MobileSheetsPro - file names must be unique

Oh dear Mike - not sure this is something that I like. I keep several versions of the same song - with different arrangements, etc. - for each of the singers/bands I work with. Although I include the key in the filename, I can still have alternative versions in the same key, which means the filenames are duplicated.

For me, having all the various versions listed together is a good thing, I just call up the title and then select the version I want from one of the other fields.

I've always liked the way MS can handle duplicate filenames and I beg you to re-consider this change. Apart from anything else, it sounds as though I would have a lot of work to do, re-naming quite a lot of my existing charts Sad .

If you import an existing backup into the new version, it will attempt to remove the unique identifier, but only if it doesn't clash with an existing file. This means you won't have to rename any files if you are transferring your library over. For new files, if you import and a file name clash is detected, tapping on "Rename" will bring up a text box to rename the file. If the file is named, "ABC.pdf", it will automatically insert "ABC(1).pdf" as the default, or whatever number is required to be unique. This is the exact same way that Windows treats files in the same directory. If you don't care how your files are named (in terms of the (1) being added), then it will be a very quick step for you to rename your files when duplicate file names are detected (tap rename, tap OK, done).

I've had a lot more users complain about me changing the file names than ones who liked what I did. I hope this is an acceptable solution.

Numbers suffix to get an unique name aren't a problem for me. Also the new way to get unique names isn't a problem at all I think.

My only problem is how to repair a previous song book that was added from the same songbook using drag&drop instead using the "copy song" method. Of course I have only two books added using this method and I can erase it and repeat using the right way.

But may be a way to avoid mistakes in the future. If you calculate an md5 hash of each pdf file added and store it in the database, it's easy for the program to look for an existing pdf and link the new song to it.

Take it as a suggestion for future versions.

(10-17-2014, 12:54 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]If you import an existing backup into the new version......

Thanks for the explanation of the new file structure. I guess that will probably work for me, time will tell Smile . I presume this will be backwards compatible, i.e. a backup made from MSpro will load and display properly in MS?
Thinking a little about this, am I to understand that an existing backup made using MS and subsequently loaded into MSPro and then backed up with MSPro, the unique identifier used by MS will be stripped and it will no longer load properly in MS?

Or, put more simply Wink , we will have to keep separate backups for both versions?
I don't think that the backups must be incompatibles. At last, the "unique identifier" is only a file name that has some suffix added to the original name. If the backup structure it's the same in MS and MSPro, I suppose that MS may import a MSPro backup generating sheet files without the suffix, as they are in the backup after the stripping.
You understood correctly Graeme - the MS backups are compatible with MSPro but I do some post processing such as stripping off the numbers. MSPro backups will not be compatible with MS though (as the database changes a lot in the new version).


A great pity, but I suppose that's the price to pay for progress Sad .