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Full Version: Can't Find on Google Play
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I am having difficulties trying to restore the database to one of my older tablets (Android 4.1.1). I get the message "Error: invalid message received from PC. Ignoring message". so I decided to see if there was an update available or just to reload from scratch. When I go to Google Play on the tablet in question I get no results when searching for "mobilesheets" or "zubersoft". Have you stopped supporting older o/s? Also, any thoughts on the original problem? I am able to get a connection to the PC and could see the songs in the tablet until I blew them away in an attempt to start clean. I'm afraid to delete mobilesheets from the tablet because I don't see it in Google Play and therefore will probably not be able to reload it.
I just had a quick peek at Google Play and MS is still there.
Thanks for the reply GraemeJ.

Not to be pedantic, but did you check from your Android device running 4.1.1? I went to the Zubersoft website, selected the Downloads tab, chose the link to the Android Market and when I got to the Android Market I got a message that says "MobileSheets Music Reader; Your device isn't compatible with this version." (The version showing is 4.6).

I'm certain the app is still in the Play Store as I can see it from devices running later versions of Android, but when I try to access the download from the device running 4.1.1 I get the message above.
I just tried using my old Nook Color, with cyanogen mod 7 os [really old android version], using your steps, and went up to the point of signing in to google to download MS. I already have it on my other devices, so trying them doesn't work beyond showing 'open' or 'delete'. Android versions; 8" nook is OEM and Asus TF700T is 4.2.1 [custom version, not OEM]. Going to the site on my linux computer using firefox , shows MS being compatible with all my devices. Hope this helps some.
(10-22-2014, 11:56 PM)bobrhett Wrote: [ -> ]Not to be pedantic, but did you check from your Android device running 4.1.1?

Yes - it's the latest version of the OS that I have.

I think I'd ask Mike about your problem. AFAIA, MS should run on any later version.
In google play it say that MS version 4.1.6 is compatible with android 2.2 and later versions ....

Maybe that the incompatibility isn't about android version? My phones in google play aren't compatible (with newer android version). I think that it may be the screen size or something like this.
Yes popoff, I think you must be right about the screen size being the problem. I agree that based on all the documentation the android version should be compatible so it must be something else and the screen resolution on that tablet is lower. But this must be something that has changed since I was able to load MS on there previously.
Does MS start, just without any tunes?
Have you tried importing as if it were the first attempt to load the tune onto the tablet?
The only restrictions I put on Google Play as far as tablet compatibility goes is that I specify only "Large" and "X-Large" tablets can download the app. What "Large" and "X-Large" maps to is actually quite complex, but the simple answer is 7" and larger tablets, but it can also include smaller devices with high resolution screens. I have not changed any of these restrictions, so I'm not sure why your device would suddenly be listed as incompatible. I'm sure if you download the free version off another app store, like SlideME, it would probably work without any problems. I wish I fully understood some of the black magic that is going on with Google Play when it comes to these compatibility problems, but for now, I don't really have any good answers...
Thanks for the response zuberman. this is a 7" tablet and I agree, there must be some black magic with the play store...

I copied a backup file (made from a newer tablet) directly to the sdcard and then reinstalled the sdcard in the old tablet and restored the library locally. This works but I'd still like to know what caused the original "invalid message received from PC".