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Full Version: Companion cache
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Working with large books (like Iberia Suite from Albeniz, 4 books) in one large pdf file, it's slow to work with companion adding individual pieces (using "copy song") because each time the big file must be transferred from tablet to PC.

Some type of cache may help.
Would it not be easier to split the file into the individual parts before transfer?
You must think that this kind of classical books aren't just compilations, they are complete jobs from an author and the rigth way is to maintain the pdf in the original format (for further sharing or printing).

If companion store the last pdf file as a cache and only change this cache when the "create song" function is called and not when "copy song", the job is done. I think that it's very simple put this behaviour in the code.
I meant to split each book into the individual pieces - 12 in all.
I understood you, but it's the same to split a novel in chapters ... It's preferable to have the complete novel in the pdf file I think ....
I fail to understand the distinction here.

You are loading the complete PDF, but say " it's slow to work with companion adding individual pieces". All I did was suggest you split the pieces out before loading, as this would make it quicker. What's the difference? You still see each piece separately.

Whether or not this is addressed in v5 (MSPro) I don't know - only mike can answer that.
Yes, I agree that the split is quicker in load times. With a minor coding it can be as fast caching locally the current (or last) pdf in companion.

My request has sense because this fantastic app has the feature of add individual pieces from one pdf using the "page start/page end". I suppose that this feature was requested before from some users that didn't want to split theirs pdf's files and mike found a good alternative to bookmarks that let the user to have indexed book pieces individually in the database.