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Full Version: Quick view in set list editor
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Please add a way to preview a song inside the setlist editor (by long-pressing it in the 'songs in setlist' and also in the 'Search All Songs' lists. I download songs to my Android from a shared folder, and I don't fully control the filenaming, so there are often some questions whether the file I am abouut to add to the setlist is the correct one (voice, version, local edit etc).

It is painful to have to leave the setlist editor to preview the PDF.
If you long press a title, you will open a menu. Select 'Edit Song' from that menu and you will see a review of the first page of that chart. As far as I know, this works with titles anywhere - setlist, collection, etc.

Take care in the setlist editor and ensure you long press in the middle of the title bar as the red cross will delete it from the list and the left hand side (which is for re-ordering) will not ope the next menu.