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Full Version: Crossfade Audio From Song to Song
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(04-28-2018, 02:25 AM)ConnerNA Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-22-2018, 01:41 PM)jluken Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-20-2018, 04:04 AM)ConnerNA Wrote: [ -> ]If anyone wants more details I will try and get a vide setup and walk through how I am using MS, Bome, Line6 Helix and a BeatBuddy all together.

I now have BeatBuddy as my master clock (which sends clock to my Helix for timed effects (delay, etc)), MS is sending a bpm setting and drum setting to my beatbuddy and opening the corresponding pad for the song I open....I am also using my Helix for page turns (utilizing Bome for this as well). It really is an AWESOME combination and something I have been wanting to achieve for sometime.

Hey ConnerNA,

If you do a video on your setup, I would be really interested in seeing it.  Thanks for letting us know about your work around.


I will try and get that posted tonight!

Hey Conner,
Thanks for posting the video.  Your workaround makes sense.  I'm running MSpro for Android and not on a laptop.  Your workaround gave me some ideas to try.  Obviously, the easiest and cleanest solution would be an update to MSpro.  My set up is getting more and more involved and I am trying to keep things as simple as possible.  Thanks again!
Any updates on when crossfade will be a feature built into MS?
I'm working on the library synchronization features right now (you can see the new beta section in the forum). After that, I'm going to tackle some feature enhancements before I start on the massive annotations rework. I haven't decided yet if I will try to integrate the superpowered library at that time which will make crossfading easier. If do, then it will be available some time in the next few months.

Awesome! Thanks for such a wonderful application!!! I am glad I did not HAVE to make the jump to Apple to get the functionality you provide with MS
So I confess... I know practically nothing about MobileSheets, but this particular forum post seems relevant to my intended use so I welcome any comments/suggestions/feedback.

I lead worship at our church (only guitar player... almost exclusively acoustic guitar).  We have someone who plays the keyboard (Clavinova) and a mandolin player... note a distinct lack of percussion  Sad

For years I've lugged around three large, three-ring binders of chord/lyric sheets [while I CAN read music, played brass back-in-the-day, but only treble-clef, my aging brain can't grasp (nor have I ever had piano lessons) reading music with treble and bass clef].  As such we do everything using chord/lyric sheets (so "classic" ChordPro scenario with the chord designation directly over the word/syllable).  I do have (and have used) another application that can handle/edit/display ChordPro lyrics files.

Looking at using a Samsung Chromebook Plus (12.3") as a likely "replacement" for the "luggage" and would need to also invest in a pedal for turning pages (I have never cared for a timed scroll as invariably I spend more time guessing on the right scroll speed... maybe a pedal can control that... dunno)

Q1: Let's assume I wanted to record and add an audio track to go with a given song.  Given what I've seen in the docs and post it seems that I can certainly have this play (feed into the soundboard along with my guitar) so that the congregation would hear the audio track along with everything else.  Does the audio track matched with the song play start-to-finish irrespective of page turns?

Q2: Has anyone used a tablet/PC/Chromebook to play an accompaniment track along with their instrument/voice?  If so, how satisfied were you with this?

Q3: While I'm certainly interested (future use) in the planned crossfade audio feature, we will often go directly from one song to another for several songs.  In a situation like the I would presume that the only way (barring the crossfade) to do this would really require me to record an background audio track to play through all the songs and then manually merge the lyrics into a single file otherwise I'd probably have a painful transition from song to song.  Can anyone think of any other way to accomplish this?

Q4: By ANY chance does anyone have any experience with this (or a comparable app) on a Chromebook "tablet"?  If so, your feedback would help immensely.  One big advantage (IMHO) of the Samsung Chromebook Plus comes in the built-in stylus (so easy for me to hand-write annotation, etc.) and that when NOT in the tablet orientation it would function like a typical notebook computer (so easier to edit content directly as opposed to having to transfer to/from my normal notebook)... not to mention that with the 11" x 8.7" dimensions, it will provide very close to the same size as the standard letter paper I currently use for the chord sheets.

Probably not relevant to any of the answers, but for the record 99.9% of the time I play a Martin D28 w/the on board electronics.

The crossfade is integrated an works fine!!!!!
Thank you Mike!!!!
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