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Full Version: Incomplete Listings in "Artists" View
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Hey Mike,

Just noticed that when I view songs by "Artist", I get an incomplete list, oly about 1/2 of my songs are visible even though the artist name is visible when I view by "Songs". Not 100% sure but the missing ones appear to be among my oldest, perhaps added in a previous version of MobileSheets?

I can delete everything and re-add them tonight and see if that fixes it. Don't have access to my home computer right now.

Not a show stopper by any means, something is up...

Hey Mike,

I tried deleting and reloading my songs tonight. I edit the artist names (on the tablet, not via companion), and now none of the songs are visible on the artist screen. Weird.

Not even remotely a show stopper for me, but thought I'd document it.

I have a bug fix coming out related to this, so hopefully this will fix your issue. Very odd bug though...

Just looked at this with respect to V2.5 and all seems well now. Thanks!