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Full Version: scrolling
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I have just started using MobileSheets on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is superb, displaying scores, chord charts and lyric sheets with clarity and easy customization (zoom, filtering etc...).

I know in the manual it does say scrolling was designed for music scores, but it is great for lyric sheets too. Landscape orientation obviously gives a larger view of an A4 page, but of course shows approx half the page. I have found the slowest scroll, 16 secs, to be ok for most songs, but it would be great if the scrolling feature could be extended to have slower settings. Or maybe allow the user to set a scroll speed.

Also, would it be possible to import straight from a composing program such as MuseScore?

MSPro have the feature to set a fixed scroll time as you want.

Musescore use midi files, MS isn't a sequencer and it isn't capable to show a midi file as a music sheet. This need a lot of work I think. But you always can save to a pdf file the sheet in musescore and import this in MS.
Great about the scrolling - however....

I have the paid-for version from Google Playstore, but the scrolling option on that only goes up to 16secs! Is there another version? Or am I accessing the scrolling options wrongly?

There is a newer version - MSPro - currently in beta, which has considerably advanced features in many areas, including scrolling. Hang in there, it will probably see release fairly soon.

Got it - I'm in the loop now and will follow news on the forum - thanks