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Full Version: Editing allows move to next song
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Hi Mike,

I appreciate that any new features will make their way to the RC of 5.0, but here's a feature I'd like to see.I've been painstakingly going through 400+ songs (PDFs) and assigning a genre and sub-genre (using the Custom field for sub-genre: ie genre='Swing', Comments='Med Fast Swing'). It would be quite handy if there was a 'goto next' option from edit. Currently, I have to long-click on th song, select 'edit song' perform the edits, exit the edit page, go back to the song list, long-click on the next song, select 'edit song' then perform the field edits, etc.

Maybe there could be a 'bulk edit' option?

Miles Forman
Musical Director,
P&O Cruises.
I do have plans to add a bulk edit type option, as MS Pro supports multi-select on the library screen.