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Full Version: What type of usb port needed for bilipro page turner
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I already have a Footime (bilipro) page turner. I see on the pedals page that this will work on tablets with usb. But what kind(s) of usb is being referred to here as there are a number of them from micro, min and standard usb, are the ones I'm familiar with anyway.

Are there adaptors that can be used with the bilipro usb to bring it down to fit micro, mini and whatever else is available?

I assume the bilipro has the same standard type usb plug that the original footime had?

you will need a USB OTG cable, it turns your charger USB port into a female USB port for peripherals to be plugged into. They're cheap as chips on ebay and the like.
My Acer A501 has a full size USB and it works as is. We also have an older A100 7 inch which will not support host mode on the micro USB port so I am not sure that an OTG cable would work, at least it won't for things like usb storage devices. We also have a Nexus 7 which WILL support the host mode so I am positive that that will work.
My point would be that probably the more modern tablets will probably support host mode, If you google your tabs name and OTG host mode you'll probably find out if it can. If it can, then there wouldn't be any problems and you could also get extra functionality like being able to add a thumb drive.