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Full Version: Initial Batch Import
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I have just tried to do a batch import to the latest beta version of MS, firstly the Mobile sheets companion does not show any of the titles of songs in the folder I want to import from, even though I can see them by looking into the folder on my computer. It also does not show any of the titles in the folder I did import a while ago on my HP Slate.
If I use the old version of Mobile sheets it sees all the folders and titles in the folders on my HP Slate but again if I try to to a batch import into the old version again the Companion does not see any of the titles in my folders on my computer. I had no problems using all the old stuff before, I was using a computer with XP on in and now I am using Windows 8.1. Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
Cheers, Bill
The current release of Companion will not work with MSPro - that's something that is currently being worked on.
Ah thanks for this information, so how do I load my music sheets into MobileSheets beta on my tablet ?
Regards, Bill
Several options, e.g.;

1 - backup your original MS files to the tablet and then import into MSPro

2 - Transfer a Companion backup to the tablet, using Dropbox or some other cloud-based server and then import into MS Pro

3 - Copy a backup that's on your PC to an SD card and then use that on the tablet.
Many thanks for the advice Graeme.
Cheers, Bill
Hello guys,

Kind of new in this sort of thing. I have my tablet for 2 days, and also MS for 2 days. When I initially started up MS, I had no SD card so I didn't configure it. I uploaded all my sheet music onto my microSD and put it in my tablet. I started importing them one by one, but it took my way too long (I'm not a patient person), so I used the group import. I set the location from where MS should pick the music, and uploaded all of them in MS. Now when I want to open a song, it says that the file could not be found.
No clue what I did wrong, but I went trough all the songs and redirected them one by one.
How can I avoid this next time?
Are you using the MobileSheetsPro beta or the original MobileSheets? It sounds like the original MobileSheets. There are some file storage issues in the original MobileSheets. You can avoid most of these by unchecking the "Copy Files" option, and controlling the file locations yourself.

I'm not using the beta version. I'll keep that in mind next time! Thank you for your quick reply!