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Full Version: Pageflip firefly
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I have a friend using an iPad that is constantly losing his connection with his firefly. He will turn a page, and it will immediately loose connection until he his the legal again to wake it up (and another time to turn the page). Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Or could it be isolated to iOS devices only?


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I had this problem with Ciceda with an Android tablets and just went back to a hardwired connection. I could not afford to worry that my page turns would not register when I needed them. (I went back to using billipro pedal).
I haven't seen this with my firefly (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 10.1", OMNI rom (KitKat 4.4.4)).
If you search the forum, you will find posts reporting a loss of BT connectivity while using various page turn devices. Personally, I have not had this problem with my home-built BT pedals, but this could just be me being lucky.
I thought one benefit of the Firefly is it gives you the option of a usb wired connection.
Yes, although I still haven't used this. BT works fine.
I found this problem when I switched from a Samsung 10.1 to a 12.2 Note (Android 4.4.2). In my case, I think the problem was because the Firefly does not support BT 4.0 (note that the AirTurn does support BT4.0). The USB connection works fine in both cases. You can find places on the net where the claim is that a file is misnamed in the newer Android version and there are work-arounds to fix that but they require that you root your device.