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Full Version: Editing Data Once Installed on Tablet
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I have just purchased MobileSheets, and have been able to upload a folder from my (Win7) PC which I call 'Charts' Unfortunately, I didn't undertake a pre-edit before doing so with the result that the completed import to the Nexus Tablet contains a number of files that I no longer want. However, I cannot find a way to delete the files I don't want from the tablet. How do I do this?

Also, I used MobileSheetsCompanion on my PC to engineer the upload of 'Charts' to my tablet. However, the file downloaded was called MobileSheetsCompanion.msi which installed OK, but appears nowhere in 'All Programs'. So this leaves me in the position of having to re-install MobileSheetsCompanion whenever I want to use it. I want to have a shortcut on my desktop to do this. Can you kindly advise how I might accomplish this?

Thank you in anticipation
Sorry folks, I've now worked out how to delete

But I'd still value an answer to my question about MobileSheetsCompanion

Best regards
I use win 7 and there is a folder for MS Companion in 'all programs'. In win 7 I can go to Explorer>Program Files (x86)>zubersoft> MobileSheets Companion, then go down to the 2nd green icon, the exe, and right click to bring up the popup, then 'create shortcut'. You should then be able to drag/drop on the desktop.
When you install the Companion, it should ask you if you want a desktop icon, odd that didn't happen?

As an alternative, go to the directory where it is installed (the default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Zubersoft\MobileSheetsCompanion\) and right click on the MobileSheetsCompanion.exe file.  Click on 'Create Shortcut'.  Then drag the shortcut to your desktop.