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Full Version: Backups
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The backup quits after 227 mb, only 21 % each time I try. Also: annontations don't make it into the backup. I sometimes want to load the files from 1 tablet to another with all annontations.... Would it be possible to backup just one piece rather than the entire (ever expanding) library? Or only those files that are changed since the last backup?
Mike, we had had a short discussion some time ago about the possibility of differential (or even incremental) backups. Is any progress being made on this front?

Although I don't have the limitation mentioned in the OP, it does take a long time to do a full backup of some 2,000 charts and 300 odd audio tracks - around 3/4 of an hour in my case - and any improvement on that would be welcome here.
It's very high on my list of things to do. I've just been focused on trying to get things ready for a release (which I've now done), so I'm going to be focusing on enhancements now.