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Full Version: Hiding Pages
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We're doing Oklahoma as our Spring Musical and some of the cuts involve skipping entire pages (sometimes more than one).

Is there a way to hide these pages so when I pedal right I don't have to do it multiple times?

Thanks! Smile
Have you tried using links?

I'm in the process of getting MobileSheetsPro published on the app store right now. Once you upgrade, you will be able to use the page order feature to specify the pages you want, letting you easily cut out unwanted pages.

Thank you! I got links working in time for opening night (Thursday) and will continue using the prior version of MS for the show since I don't want to run into any issues that may crop up from the new version.

I downloaded MSPro last night (AWESOME!) and moving my existing Trombone Library over today.

Still trying to figure things out but it looks REALLY good.

Has there been a way to allow multiple devices to share the library? I see you can import from Dropbox but I have 2 Samsung 12.2 (one for work and one for music) and sometimes would be helpful to be able to edit files on break or lunch without hauling around both of them.

Thanks! Smile
You can backup your library on one and restore it on the other (pretty brute force) or you can use the new sharing feature. If you just share each song from one tablet with the other, it will ask if you want to update the existing songs in your library with the new data. To share the songs, long press one on the library screen to start selection, then tap each one you want to share and select "Share" at the top.

Mike - haven't checked in in a while, because things are working very well. Old issue though and it would seem that page order is supposed to fix it, but I am not getting results. I have a 4 page pdf. I go to files and it shows four pages in file and order of 1-4. When I click on the 1-4 field it now has number of pages as "0" and won't let me enter a number larger than 0. Is this not where to do this? Thanks.
It sounds like that should work. Does the PDF load properly in the song editor (can you see a preview)? The only reason it would show the number of pages as 0 would be if it failed to access the PDF, but I imagine you would have gotten an error message in that case.