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Full Version: Landscape 2-page display
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I'm really pleased with MobilesheetsPro which I installed yesterday (upgrade from Mobilesheets) and keep finding new things that are useful. What an effort it must have taken to develop such a great piece of software. Congratulations.

One little oddity I have found so far (and it may be me not setting things up correctly) occurs when I display a file with an odd number of pages in landscape 2-page mode. If for example the piece has 5 pages these get displayed as 1-2, 3-4 and lastly 4-5. I would have expected 5 and blank for the last "pair". Is this what should happen? I'm using the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet.
I went back and forth about the best behavior for that. I'm open to feedback if people would prefer I support showing the last page by itself when viewing a song with an odd number of pages. The way it is implemented now, it just turns as many pages as it can until it hits the end of the song. So if you ask it to turn pages and only one is left, it just turns one.
Thanks Mike for the explanation.

My argument for displaying the last page on its own for a score with an odd number of pages is as follows. When playing a score with two pages displayed one's eye naturally looks at the left hand page first and then continues with the right. The same thing happens when the pages are turned. However when the last pair of pages is reached one immediately looks again at the left page first and that will be the wrong one with the current setup. I do agree it's a matter of preference and others may like the current layout. By the way Adobe Acrobat starts by first displaying a blank page for an odd page document and then the problem goes away.
Although I don't have many long or odd number paged charts, I'm with TomP - much better if the last page (or first, if you follow the Adobe convention) is displayed as a blank. My reasoning is exactly the same as his, when you turn pages, it's natural to look at the left hand one.