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Full Version: MobilesheetsPro 1.0.2 and Companion 2.0.0 Released
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I pushed out updates for both applications.  There is one important issue though: the current MobileSheetsCompanionPro will not update itself correctly. It will tell you that an update is available, and then download the original companion app installer. I have fixed this issue with v2.0.0, but you will need to manually download the latest companion app from

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I've decided to take the original MobileSheetsCompanion installer off the server for a bit and put a copy of the new installer in its place so that people don't run into the issue described above. I will restore the old installer later at some point.
Is there an update to MobileSheetsPro? I have just been on Google Store right now, and it is MobileSheets that had an update???
Hi Mike

A small problem I've come across with Companion 2.0.1.  In full screen on my Windows 7 64bit desktop, selecting song tab only displays about a half screen worth, whereas setlists and collections tab display correctly when in full screen.

Not seen here (Win 8)
Same here with Win 8.1 x64
With whom are you agreeing, me or ExmouthUK?
Companion [auto]updated fine for me [win 7 home], nothing yet on 1.02 though.
I just pushed up the update, but it may take a couple hours to show up for everyone. I thought I submitted it last night, but apparently it didn't all go through properly. Sorry for the confusion!


Regarding the problem with Companion I raised earlier. As I'm now using MS PRO I've deleted MobileSheets Companion 1.5.6, which didn't have this issue. Also, I tried remove/re-install 2.0.1 but still as shown in the attached image. As GremeJ said it was OK on Win8 I've just installed companion on my wife's laptop and sure enough displays the setlists tab correctly. Then I got to thinking, the laptop natively runs 1366x768, so plugged the Dell monitor used with my Windows 7 Desktop PC and hey presto, at 1920x1200 you get the same half screen worth. Wondered if anyone else has run into this issue at these screen resolutions and is there a workaround?

(04-18-2015, 01:14 AM)GraemeJ Wrote: [ -> ]With whom are you agreeing, me or ExmouthUK?

I have this issue too.
This is definitely a bug. I must have accidentally resized that inner section of the window without realizing it which assigned it a fixed height. I've fixed it so it now resizes properly with the window. I will include the fix in v2.0.2. I'm sure there will be some other bug fixes, so I'll hold off on releasing an update until I have a few more in place.

OK thanks Mike
Hi Mike,
 Great news on the release of MobileSheetsPro.  So, from a Beta Tester perspective, does this mean that our testing / evaluation task has now ended?
Paul H

Yes, the beta officially ends on the 30th, but I'm not expecting anyone to continue using the beta at this time. I'm going to ask soon if there are any individuals who want to be part of a much smaller beta testing group that I will want a lot of feedback from. Those testers would get to help shape the app and provide input on future changes, but I would expect them to be active with testing/feedback. There are some pretty complex changes coming down the pipeline soon, so I will definitely be wanting help from willing users.

When I add a tune with MSC 2.0.1, and the tune name already exists, it offer me the option to add the tune and rename it which is fine.  The problem is that It then pulls up the old tune name and when I try to edit it, it doesn't allow me to make the needed changes.  Occasionally, if I'm fast enough and accurate enough, I can change it by doing a click-drag-delete and type in the changes.  But if I make a spelling mistake, I can't fix it and I have to cancel out and start over.
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