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Full Version: Little Issue in Song Editing
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I'm moving my Oklahoma book from MS to MSPro and I've found when rearranging pages, there's no comma button. I got to it by hitting PAUSE and am wondering if that's by design or that I'm using SwiftKey.
Keyboards are handled a little strangely in the Android OS. When you have a field that requires input, you can specify what type of input is required which determines which keyboard is shown. The problem is that it's completely up the tablet to pick keyboard to use, so I have no idea what options will really be presented to the user. In the case of the page order field, I originally specified that I wanted to use a numeric input that also allowed commas and dashes. The problem was that on Galaxy Tab devices, the numeric keyboard does not provide a dash or comma, so users of those devices were unable to change page orderings. So I changed the input type to "phone" so that it would work across all devices. Unfortunately, as you have noticed, this causes some oddities with certain devices in terms of what keyboard is chosen. I'm not sure what the right solution is long term. I may have to implement my own custom keyboard for entering input for the page ordering, but it would be a gigantic hassle.