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Full Version: Temporary setlists on the fly
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With the standard MobileSheets I was able to quickly assemble a setlist of two or three tunes when they were called at a music session - not to save as a permanent setlist but just for that occasion.  I can't seem to be able to do this with Pro. When I tap on the first tune and then touch the plus sign I get a list of existing pre-saved setlists to add the current tune to - not what I'm trying to do.

Is there a way under Pro of assembling a quick and temporary pairing of tunes without creating, naming and saving a new set?
Why not just create a new (empty) setlist and then add the charts you need to that?
(04-20-2015, 06:18 PM)raysa Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a way under Pro of assembling a quick and temporary pairing of tunes without creating, naming and saving a new set?

I have a very similar situation.  I have created a setlist called "0 temp."
I add the called tunes to that, which is easier because it's always at the top of the alphabetized setlist list.
To create a new setlist you have to enter a name for it, which you can't do if you have a usb footpedal plugged in (the Android keyboard doesn't come up because the tablet thinks the footpedal is a qwerty keyboard). By the time I unplug the pedal, type in a name for the new setlist, add the two tunes to it, save it, plug the pedal back in - I've missed at least the first tune being played.

With the standard MobileSheets I'd call up the first tune, tap it, hit the plus sign then select the second tune - done in a fraction of the time. I'm hoping a temporary un-named setlist can be created as quickly in the Pro version.
Ah, Chrisss ... you mean create the temporary setlist in advance, leaving only the tune selection to the last minute. Now there's a good idea. Not quite as quick as before, but a very good compromise - thanks. GraemeJ, you probably meant that, too. Thanks both.
Yes - that was my thinking. Just create as many empty setlists as you would need, in advance of actual rehearsal/performance.

A couple of things. First, it's possible to have the keyboard work even with a pedal connected. Check this link for details:

As for creating dynamic setlists, the feedback I got from users during the beta testing was that it was confusing and unintuitive to load a single song and still have the features available that acts as if it is a setlist. If I get more feedback indicating that people would rather have this functionality back, I can certainly add it back in. I just need some sort of either consensus from users or a majority opinion that backs the change. I think creating temporary setlists is a good compromise for now.

One thing I could do that might be an interesting idea is to add another button to the setlist window that would let you create a new setlist from the loaded song. You could then use this to create the setlist from the song, which will be immediately loaded, and then you would be able to add songs to it like the original MobileSheets. How does that sound?

Thanks for the pedal/keyboard tip, Mike - very helpful.

Given how easy it is to add/subtract tunes in an existing setlist, I think the pre-creation of a "0temp" set list (or somesuch name) as suggested by GraemeJ and Chriss is a good solution. I was hankering after the original MobileSheets process just because that's what I was used to, and the pre-created temporary setlist idea hadn't occurred to me.

The possibility in your second paragraph is interesting, but I guess you'd have to weigh up whether the extra clutter of another button would be worth it for a very small advantage over the pre-created temporary setlist approach.

Thanks again,