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Full Version: Option for audio player to appear automatically when a song with mp3 file loaded
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Hi! First of all - thanks - I already discovered some great new features and I am sure there are a lot more to discover.

Now, my question is if there is possibility to have the player ready, when I load a song that has backing track (MP3) and only after I press the play button the player would fade away as (however) it is set to. This might save some time (one tap less), when I want to play a song immediately after another. I figured that the songs could be set to start as the song is loaded, but then - I might need sometimes a few seconds to say something to the audience, other times I would prefer to start the song as soon as possible. Or maybe this is already possible, just I didn't figure out how to do it?

Sure, I can add a setting for this.

Mike, if you do this, please make it configurable. The last thing would want is an audio player suddenly appearing while playing. I do have audio links to some charts, but these are used a reference points during rehearsal, never required during performance.
Thank you, Mike!

GraemeJ, configurable of course, I wasn't clear enough (English is not my native language). I meant it as an option.