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Full Version: Problem loading large pdfs
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Imported my library into pro and all working well except from loading pdfs of entire songbooks.
I just get the loading circle on screen fifteen minutes at last count. Standard version opens same file immediately

Hello Paul,

What version are you currently running of MobileSheetsPro? I just released v1.0.3 last night with a fix for loading songs, so I just want to rule out an old version. Assuming that's not the problem, I would like a few details:

- What OS version are you running, and what brand is your tablet?
- How big is the file (MB) and how many pages?
- Does this happen for any other songs or just songs using entire songbooks?

New version has solved it Mike😀
For large PDFs I usually switch off "auto crop" during import. I run auto crop as soon as I add songs from the fakebook to my library