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Full Version: Same tune; multiple keys?
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Just starting to ramp up my library. Found out the hard way MS can't import PDF's with same name. How is the best way to import the same song title in multiple keys? Keep in mind, that I would need to be able to have, for example, a Bb chart followed by a C chart in a set list so that I could bounce back and forth based on what instrument I was doubling on at the moment.

My assumption is that I would need to name each PDF with some I.D. as to key, i.e. Countdown-C.pdf, Countdown-Bb.pdf, Countdown-Eb.pdf.

Or is there a better way...?

The Saxist
Although I only play the one instrument, I do have the same charts in different keys, as I work with a number of different vocalists. I do exactly as you are suggesting - append the key to the chart name.

One difference for me is that I keep separate playlists for each vocalist, so there is no need to have more than one chart in every setlist.
I also enter the key in the 'key' field as well as in the title. It can show up in the title caption which, apparently, can allow identical titles in the main library that are modified by the caption field. For example, I have 3 amazing grace charts with identical titles that have differences in the displayed captions. My captions that are displayed are key, tuning, and source. I haven't played around with this because what I'm doing is working so far.
Two thoughts
(I do not use the Companion app, so this might be much easier than described)

On computer
- unpack each PDF into separate PDF files
- for each song, merge the different transposed PDFs into a single PDF. When added to any Collection or setlist, you have them all no matter what instrument you want to play. If the song takes several pages, then make a bookmark so you can tap to get to whichever transposed key (instrument) you need from within that song file.
- name the merged PDF with the song's title
(If the PDFs match page-by-page with its equivalent transposing key, they should extract so each filename from each of the PDFs matches so it should be easy find each to merge (hoping!)

I am testing if this works for my own setup:
On computer
- unpack each PDF into separate PDF files for each page—into separate folders (one called Eb, another Bb etc.)
- merge multiple paged songs into one file (PDF).
- name each file with a song title. This takes a while but quicker than doing similar things within MS I had thought. I actually add the key it is in (kF or kFm) for searching.
- run a batch program on each folder to append ' Eb' (or whatever) to each filename (or do it manually in the step above)

Import the folder into MS
- set the Song to Use Filename as title (not Guess title)
- create (or adding to it in subsequent imports) a Collection for that instrument— Eb

The songs will list in the Songs index multiple times with Eb, Bb etc. after the song title (and its key)
Each Collection will only have the song for that instrument—sometimes quicker to find (and sometimes I only have one instrument with me)
Make Setlists or Band Collections with whichever key versions of the songs needed (for some songs you might always use just the one instrument)

When you search on title, you can add in the instrument
- dolphin Eb should get you (among others) On Green Dolphin Street Eb (instrument)
- dolphin kC will get it written in C (unrelated to an instrument)

I see Skip's post above which I have not tried, but originally I thought having the instrument and key in the title was so I could use just one search field for everything (less tapping and filtering) and did not require additional time in the Song editor to set this up for each song (in Captions as mentioned). But I am going to test out Skip's idea to see if it is better (thanks Skip!) I think it would work for a smaller number of songs rather than hundreds (hence using the computer to label).

You can add additional keys for the song also where there is no transpose instrument appended, just the key (kX or kXm) so lists with the other Songs (and is searchable).
(X is whatever key it is in; m for minor)

If you find a solution that works for you, if you have time to post back let us know.

There were other threads related to PDF import, using csv files that would populate songs' metadata etc. The forum has largely been cleaned up with MS Pro released, but have a search and there might be something related.
Of course, if you append the key to the title, you can use the search function to find all charts in a given key, e.g. entering bb in the search field will find all charts in Bb.
The search function is really sophisticated I think. You can put bb in the key field and as you type in the song title it will display every Bb song that has those characters in that order and gradually drop songs as more letters are added.
(04-21-2015, 09:12 AM)Skip Wrote: [ -> ]The search function is really sophisticated I think. You can put bb in the key field and as you type in the song title it will display every Bb song that has those characters in that order and gradually drop songs as more letters are added.

My point was that you don't even need to enter anything into the 'Key' field, a search will find it if the key is entered as part of the name, as originally proposed by saxist.

For example you have a number of titles in this format -  Fly Me To The Moon - Bb, Good Times - Bb, Anything You Like - Ab, etc. - entering just the key part of the song name (bb, ab, etc., t's not case sensitive) will display all the song titles in that key.  The only real limitation is that, say, Much Ado About Nothing - Bb, will still show up, because of the "about", but I don't find this rare occurrence a problem.
Understood, I did it that way for awhile. Mine was there's more than one way to skin a cat, you can do it either/both ways, use 'show captions' etc. Depends on what you want.
Of curse, there is a difference between the concert key of a number and the key used for a transposing instrument. As I don't play any of the latter, my only concern is with the concert key. Sax players and the like might wish to know both.
Thanks for the replies to this point. Let me be more specific in example; Say I'm playing lead on a Bb instrument, play a chorus or 3 over the changes, then switch to Keys so that the guitar player can throw down over some chords. Then back to the lead horn. This tune on this job was a special request, and may never get played again, so I don't want to take the time to memo both parts. My assumption would be to put the Bb-C parts back to back in a set-list. This way, I can jump back and forth between the two charts with alacrity. I'm also assuming that the identical tune name PDF's would need something like a -Bb, Eb, or -C appended to the file name before the .pdf extension(trivial in Linux) so that the mass import works.

I just procured a 32gb microSD card and I'm preparing to fill it up based on the assumptions above. If you've got a better idea, let me know pronto.. Big Grin

The Saxist
I would merge all the pages of the different keys of the song into one PDF, then set up bookmarks to get to the correct key you need quickly as described in a previous post. The Quick Action bar can be configured with a button for the bookmarks window to appear when you tap it. You will be able to go from key to key and they are already in memory to get to quickly (although there are minimal delays generally anyway when you select another song to load).
You can merge on your computer (with suitable software) although you can add to an existing song in the Song Editor, adding the other key PDF.

Settings>Storage>Add unique ID to file names
This means the same file name does not overwrite an existing one (it adds a unique number to each import). I have not tested this extensively, but can confirm it is adding different numbers to everything I have imported so far.

What you want to achieve sounds quite simple, but I would make a backup first just in case, then try it.