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Full Version: Adding audio files fails
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i tried to store a new song with jpg and audio (storage: removeable) and a new genre "KAR".
After "ok" it returns error:

Tablet: several messages:
1 audio file recevied from pc. processing
error receiving audio tracks from PC
Failed to rerieve reuqested song while deleting images
Error: ionvaldi message received from PC. Ignoring message.

PC after soem time (10 sec?):
An error was encountered while adding or modifying song. Verify that the connection is still valid to the wireless network.

Songs is still not stored, dialogue for song remains open Dodgy

Greetings, CR

M 4.0.1
C 1.3.6
Thanks for letting me know about this. I'll see what I can do to get this fixed ASAP.