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Full Version: Highlight in setlists
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I'm wondering if it would be possible to highlight the current song when you return to a set list.

So when you go back to the set list from displaying the music, the song you have just displayed would be highlighted in some way. This would show where you have got to in the list.

I'm not suggesting this is remembered in any way, just while you have the set list open. So you could select a song in the list, maybe step through a few songs in the music display, then return to the song list and the song you have just come from would be highlighted.

Yep, that would be a nice (but not essential) feature.
Something that I suggested a while back was to show which songs in a setlist had been played - sort of the inverse of what you were asking. Anything you hadn't played would be marked in some way.

The reasoning behind this was that it's sometimes necessary to alter the playing order 'on the fly' - usually as a result of audience reaction (or, more likely, non-reaction). When that happens, there's often a discussion between the band as whether a particular number has been played that night. For a band that works regularly, it's sometimes difficult to quickly know the answer to this question Smile .

Obviously, you wouldn't want charts to marked as played if you just skipped through them, but a 30 or 60 second delay would work well. If you're on a chart for that long, it's reasonable to assume you are playing it.
Personally I would prefer the simple highlight, but I can see that some would like Graeme's suggestion. I could live with that if it is easier and we can only have one option. :-)

Yes I too would like a song in a Setlist to check (or disappear) once you have selected it. I'm using set lists for about 50 songs as a band selection. I could use a Collection but if they disappeared as they were played, it would help because then the list gets smaller to select from.
I feel that some users treat a setlist in a different way from me.

To me, a setlist is a list of material you are going to play at a specific gig and in a specific order - hence the name and why it has a 'load all' feature. To others, it seems they consider it as a list of material that they might play. I would consider that as more of a collection.

Although I can make an argument if favour of marking charts, in a setlist, that have been played that one time, I wouldn't like to see them actually vanish off the list. OTOH, I can see that deleting played material from a collection has some merit.

It probably all boils down to how we, as individuals, use the features available and there is probably no one way that would suit everyone.
I agree Graeme, up until now I have been quite happy with a Setlist, but what might be called an Active Collection or Active Setlist in the future would be useful for some and not change anything for anyone not needing the function.
Alternatively they could gray out and move to the bottom, so you still see them (to retrieve or replay later). I like this idea better because at the end of the gig you could reset and they are out of the way of they move.

Obviously I can Copy the setlist and manually delete as each song is played so it is not much of a problem.
I'm tracking it here:

It's on the gigantic list of things to do Smile

Mike, when you get to thinking about implementing this, perhaps post back here. I am wondering how it will work. If I have a long list of songs and various ones get marked but do not move, I will still have to swipe through them all to find songs, whereas if there was an option to hide or move (to bottom), then it would be more practical.
Thanks for adding it to the list. Much appreciated, no hurry for myself.