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Full Version: Updated Installer Bug?
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WHen I opened up MS Pro Companion, there was a message that there was a new version and it asked it I wanted to to update. 

I checked it off to update and install the new version.

But, when I went to find the update and make sure everything was right (to make sure I put the new version was on my desktop, etc.), it seemed it had installed a new version of (the original) MS Companion, rather that an updated MS Pro Companion.

Was this user error?  Or am I correct about this?

Which version are you currently running of the companion? If you are running 2.0.0 or 2.0.1, then it's a bug with the auto-updating that I fixed, but was unable to roll out to users. If it's a later version, please let me know, as that would indicate a more serious issue.
Mine is 1.6.3.

Okay, I just uninstalled the prior version and successfully installed latest version.