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Full Version: Files not transferring
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This is the first time I have used the new Companion Pro to transfer some new files to the tablet.

I used exactly the same procedure as the original version, basically select a directory on the PC which contains the files to transfer and hit the go button.

All seemed to be fine and I got the transfer complete message, then an error message popped up on the screen (see screenshot). Actually, lots of them - one for each of the 32 files I was transferring.

When I checked the tablet, the new titles were listed, but wouldn't open.  I check the storage area and they didn't exist at al, no files and no separate directories.

I then moved the original PC directory to Dropbox and tries to import into MSPro a second time - this worked!

Anyone else having this problem?
I always drag and drop.
(04-27-2015, 08:23 AM)jeffn1 Wrote: [ -> ]I always drag and drop.

Yes- that works properly.  However it's only really useful if you're adding a couple of charts.  I tend to import in batches of 10 upwards, so drag and drop is not really convenient way. Adding in bulk from a directory is by far the best way to go (or would be, if it worked Smile ). 
Hello GraemJ
I had the same problem: Contents ok, files not in the library

The shares through the firewall brought no result.
I have followed my Internet server (Dsl_Easybox 803) reconfigured:

My action: UPnP Configuration "Enable UPnP port extensions"
in german: Aktivieren von UPnP Portweiterleitung

Thereafter, the batch file import worked flawlessly.

PS: My english is not so good Google help me
System: Win 8.1 auf Desktop / Asus tf 201
Thanks for the tip dieter1000, but this hasn't worked for me (UPnP was already enabled)

This has to be a Companion Pro problem as nothing has changed on this computer since the original version of Companion was working on it.
It's a bug that only shows up if "Manage My Files" is unchecked. I've got a fix in place now - thanks.

Thanks Mike - I knew you'd solve it.
Adviced a friend to buy MS Pro and helped her installing today and had a similar problem

MSPro 1.0.6 on Android 4.2, Storage options as per default.
MsPro Comp 2.0.5 on Windows 7

Tried a batch import (single song) from MSPro comp.
All seems ok, messages on tablet looking ok, but after breaking the connection between MSPro and Companion, the song is not in the library.
Tried via batch import twice and also via drag and drop. same result.
We finally managed to load the song not using companion (via MSPro direct ('new' in songs tab))

Back home, (on my devices), Just tried a batch import with exactly the same versions of Companion and Pro. All works fine.

Anyone any suggestions ?
Can you get the model of your friend's tablet? I'm going to have to figure out if this is a problem with the companion, or only with some tablets. Does it matter whether you click disconnect on the tablet first versus clicking the "X" in the companion app to close it? Did you also try force closing MobileSheets and reloading it to make sure it just wasn't an issue with the display not refreshing?

It's a HP slate 21.
We tried disconnecting on both sides.
Yes we reloaded MSPro.
We also set a filter trying to find the song and there was no message about duplicate song when we tried again with companion. So we're pretty sure the song was not there.

One thing I did not do was update the .net. We used what was allready on the win7 pc. Only came to think of that when I was home.

I have the HP Slate 21 as well, so I can try to do some more thorough testing with it. I'm currently out of town, but when I get back, I will start looking for answers.

Ok, Thanks!
About the HP slate 21 issue.
It got solved by updating the tablet O.S., so no need to look into this anymore.

Thanks for letting me know - I'm glad that the OS update fixed it.