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Full Version: A thought about field sequence in Song Edit
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I find the field sequence flow on the Song edit screen very illogical.  I know this is probably a personal preference thing but for my own ease of use I would prefer something like:

Title, Album, Artist, Composer, Years
Genre, Sources
Key, Signature, Tempo, Duration
Setlist, Collections
Customs, Keywords
Rating, Difficulty 

Better yet would be the ability to put them in any order one would want.  

Just a thought!
(04-30-2015, 12:34 AM)Harper Wrote: [ -> ]Better yet would be the ability to put them in any order one would want.  

You already can! Settings | Tab Order
The field order in  the song editor window is imho a matter of personal taste. So a real improvement could only be achieved if it is made configurable, e.g. by adding sliders to the "configure fields" window as we see them in the setlist editor window.
But I'm not convinced that the usability improvement is worth the effort it would require.
@Harper: removing unused fields via "configure fields" is not enough for your needs?

@Graeme: Harper talks about the song editor, "Tab Order" configures the sequence of the tabs in the library screen.
Yes - my error. However, I agree with you, it's not really that much of a problem and removing unused fields would probably suffice for most users.
I do agree its a personal preference type of thing.  But since this is an "Idea" forum I thought I'd bring it up.  

I have removed several fields that have no meaning to me and that helps.  My biggest frustration is with the key/signature/tempo not being grouped together...but that's me and that's probably because I'm rebuilding my entire music library (3K+ tunes) one tune at a time (by choice) and filling out many of the fields. A smooth flow would help me.

Another minor thing I would like to see is that the tempo field which currently accepts only numeric tempos, be changed to accept non-numeric entries such as "allegro"

Again, just thoughts....nice to have's but by no means critical.
Thanks for the feedback Harper. I've gotten different feedback from users about what the optimal ordering is, so it's very hard to know what is going to be the best for most people. I may be able to make the field order configurable without a huge amount of effort, so I will mark this down as a potential improvement.

As far as the tempos go, they are currently tied to the metronome, which is why I only accepted numeric values. If I break this association, and store those two separately, I could support text entry, but this would require a lot of changes across the app. If enough people want this, I can certainly do it though.

Perhaps a separate field for text tempo with an option to tie it to a BPM.
Mike , a configurable field order in the Song Editor would be great but only if it's not a huge effort.  Thanks for keeping it under consideration!

I like the current connection between the Tempo and the metronome so I definitely wouldn't want that to change.  I can live without the non-numeric tempo since most of my music uses actual bpm.  I don't know if this might be an issue with people who do a lot of classical music.