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Full Version: IMHO - Zooming and Cropping
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This is only my opinion but for basic formatting of PDF files (sizes, margins, etc.) I do all that in an external PDF editor then bring the music into MobileSheetsPro. I don't use MSP as a PDF editor, I use it as a paper alternative, so zooming, panning and doing so efficiently (making MSP behave like a sheet of paper) is more important to me than the cropping feature (which I have never, ever used (I explored it and decided I did not need it)).

Just my two cents. Love this program.
Interesting how different personal preferences are.
For me cropping is one of the features I use and appreciate most.
As soon as I have imported a PDF my first step is completing the database entry in song editor. Second step in almost any case is using the crop window. Auto crop first and in most cases some pretty small manual corrections of the cropping.
My PDFs come via PDF Creator from my own files in MSWord (Lyrics, Chordsheets) or Finale (scores). My margins for printing on paper are larger than what I like to see on the tablet. Or I import specific songs from fakebooks where I use cropping to correct the margins, to remove 'black dirt' and page numbers and to remove fragments of other songs that are on the same page.
Yep, I crop everything. Probably on of the best improvements (out of many great improvements) in MS Pro, IMHO.
I use the cropping as well. I guess I should have phrased things better. I didn't want to start a "zooming versus cropping" thread but I guess I did. I apologize. I do like the cropping feature but don't use it as much as I do the zooming (mainly in rehearsal as a conductor). I love this program!!