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Full Version: Visual page organizer
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How feasible is it to have a visual page organizer, rather than a purely numerical one? Something with thumbnails that can be dragged around, deleted or copied?
In order to take out unneeded pages,I usually have to revert to the original file opened on another device, so that I take out the correct page.
Ex. I have pages setup "1-15,17,19-30" and realize that the current page 20 needs to be deleted also, but have to go back to the original to see that it's actually page 22.


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It's something I've been wanting to add for awhile, but it's just a much larger undertaking than providing a text input field. I will add it at some point... it's just a matter of when.
Thanks for mentioning this Ron, it is driving me nuts too!
Will be wonderful whenever you implement this Mike.
Thanks Mike! At times I really wish I would have done that computer science degree in addition to music!

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