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Full Version: Duplicate copies of songs placed in setlist when adding song
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(2.0.5 on Windows 7)
When adding songs to setlist using any method (double click, right-click then Add, or drag and drop) two copies of the same song are placed in the setlist and I need to manually delete the duplicate.
Not seen here.

As this is the second non-confirmed bug you have reported, I'm beginning to think you have some sort of problem with your system. Can you supply some more detail?
I've also had duplicates added to a set-list from CompanionPro

once or twice, but haven't really investigated to find the cause,
since I just deleted the duplicate song and hurried on. 

I know for certain that this happened to a "Gold" version
(outside Beta testing).

This has also happened to me on two separate occasions (one of those was this evening). I'm not able to find the root cause, but I believe it is something about using MS Pro with the Pro Companion app.
Have the same duplicated songs added to a set-list with MSC Pro.
To see the bug,create set list, add songs, exit setlist and go back. The songs are dupplicated.

Second bug you can delete with MSC Pro all the duplicated songs , but not the last one at the end of the setlist. You have to delete it with MS Pro.