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Full Version: manual page edit for Swap File action
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I have a suggestion for an update to the manual page regarding swapping files.

I just finished replacing a badly-done scan that I took a couple of years ago by an updated version of the same song, and as it happens the new scan is one page longer than the original.

I followed the instructions on page 30 of the manual for swapping the new PDF file into place, and that worked perfectly -- except that at first I thought the swap had failed because I couldn't see the last page of the new file.

Eventually it occurred to me to open the song editor, at which time I saw the Page Order setting under the Files tab; sure enough, that defaults to 1-N, where N was the number of pages in the original PDF.  After the swap, I needed to adjust that to 1-(N+1).

It would have helped a lot if the manual had suggested that this would be necessary.  (It would have helped even more if the page order were automatically reset to the full range of the new file as a side effect of the swap, but I digress. Smile )

    - Steven