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Full Version: occasional screen blanking
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I'm seeing an intermittent problem in which, while viewing a song, the entire tablet screen goes black, comes back a fraction of a second later, goes black again, comes back again, and then stays on correctly.

This doesn't happen often; I use MobileSheets Pro almost every night, and tonight was only the second time I've seen this happen; the first time was last Friday, i.e. May 1st.

At this level of frequency it's more a nuisance than a showstopper, but Murphy's law says that if the problem isn't fixed, eventually it will occur in the middle of an important solo passage during a performance. Dodgy
I see this behaviour when the program makes (or looses) contact with the BT pedals. Everytime I switch the FIreFly on or off, there's a brief blanking of the screen.
I don't know if you use BT pedals, but if you do, it could indicate a communication problem.
Also check whether it ever happens outside MS (so you will need to run it for a while in another app which does not turn off the screen). Do you use Airplane mode when using MS? otherwise turn this on and see if it makes any difference.
This happens to me very intermittently even when not using my bluetooth pedal. It does not happen in other programs. Like smw said, it's not a showstopper just a small (very small) nuisance.
This has also happened to me without the BT on.  Fortunately it's not happened during any performance.
But, this happened in MobileSheets too.  I've never been able to recreate the problem.  It just seems to randomly happens.  So far it's not a big deal.
This evening while rehearsing all of a sudden this problem started to occur. Symptoms: While in song view mode, the screen goes black and turns back on after a fraction of a second. Then after a couple of seconds it turns off/on again and seems to remain stable.
I did some experiments and found out that immedeately after the first off/on, the pedal is inoperative. After the second off/on, it was functional again. So as I already suspected. the tablet looses BT contact for a short while. (As I described earlier, the screen briefly goes off/on when I switch the pedal on or off.)

Tomorrow I try to reproduce the situation at home and run some more experiments. My current suspect is the music stand that I was using this evening. It's a metal stand [] that may shield the bluetooth connection.

I inspected the logfiles on my tabled and they had registered several bluetooth disconnect/reconnects for the firefly. So it is indeed a connection problem.
I was able ro reproduce this and I could confirm something I thought I noticed yesterday: when the firefly is disconnected, pressing one of the pedals will immedeately reconnect. This is what happens when the firefly goes to sleep (and disconnects) after 30 minutes of idle time, so it looks like the firefly occasionally entering sleep mode at random moments. If so, this would be a firmware bug in the firefly.

Some sources on the internet mention that this only occurs on V2 fireflies (see the label on the bottom) and that V1 fireflies seem to be reliable.
With 1.0.7, in song view, when I power my Firefly on or off, instead of a short screen blanking the screen now stays blank, with an eternal rotating spinner.
This is a real showstopper!
Since I have a performance tomorrow I'm going to restore 1.0.6 from my backups.
(05-09-2015, 10:12 AM)Harper Wrote: [ -> ]This has also happened to me without the BT on.  Fortunately it's not happened during any performance.
But, this happened in MobileSheets too.  I've never been able to recreate the problem.  It just seems to randomly happens.  So far it's not a big deal.

Same for me and my wife, using two completely different tablets. Still doing it in new update. No pattern to it, so can't say why.
Today I did a long practice session - about an hour.  The screen blanked twice on me during that time. It happened once yesterday too but the screen never recovered.  I had to totally restart the program.  My BT/pedal was off both times so there was no interference there.  

I don't know if it's MSP or my tablet but I lean towards it being a tablet issue. However, that just may be because I'm not happy with my tablet in general (ASUS Transformer T700)  My tablet will do a slight flicker ever now and then normally but never anything as long as the screen blanking in MSP.  So I'm not sure where to even begin troubleshooting this.  

Good thing I memorize my music for performance eh?
It hasn't happened to me on any of my tablets yet but I haven't used them for an extended period either.