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Full Version: [1.0.6] certain setlist crashes MS
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Today I tried to open a setlist that was working fine some weeks ago. The setlist itself opens correctly but as soon as I try to open any of the songs it contains MS crashes. It reports "File modifications detected. Processing file changes..." followed by "MobileSheetsPro wurde beendet" (MobileSheetsPro has been closed) and that's it.
The second message is really in German - probably not from MS but from Android.
I tried to open the songs one by one from the "Songs" tab in the library and could find a certain Chordpro file that crashed when I tried to open it. Removed it from the setlist and the setlist worked again.
The file itself is a ChordPro file that was not recently changed, it is several weeks old and I'm sure that it worked once ago.
I attach it together with the screenshots (renamed to .pro.txt because the forum does not accept .pro files)