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Full Version: Glass?
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While MobileSheets is a perfect program to manage and display music for practice and performance, it is not paper sheet music. Typical tablet displays are much too small to get a good view on a single page (portrait) or double pages (landscape).

One of the other threads is discussing large tablets (21", 23") but for a long while I have been wondering whether it would be possible to use a Google Glass (or similar device) for music sheet viewing. Has anyone here ever tried such a thing?
I was excited about the same idea 2 years ago when Google revealed Glass. Possibility to leave 15kg of sheet music gig books AND 6kg of music stands at home. Gigging with Glass only would be cool BUT:
1. The resolution is so low that there is no way to display more then a single strip of the sheet music. The resolution of any head mounted display currently available is not suitable for the sheet music.
2. Glass battery life is not great.

I would be very happy with Sony's Digital Paper aka DPT-S1 which has EInk 13.3" screen which is same as A4 sized paper.
BUT DPT-S1 has no Bluetooth (one cannot turn pages wirelessly) and is not based on android.
Agreed, you do need a decent size tablet, but that's only to be expected when you consider the whole idea is to replace A4 sheets of paper.

Quite honestly, I think this is a truly daft idea and certainly not a cost effective one. Google Glass was some $1,500 - you can buy a huge tablet and get a substantial amount of change for that sort of dosh. That's not even considering its technical shortcomings. It will be many years before such a product will become available on the consumer market and at the sort of price the consumer wants to pay.