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Full Version: v4.0.2 Almost Ready, Workaround for database issue
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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm working as fast as I can to get the next update ready to fix some remaining issues. The following things are being addressed (among others):

- The library can still appear to be wiped out if the SD card is locked
- Link points can't be created, and are limited to 2 per song
- Connection issues with the companion application
- Password protected files aren't opening correctly
- Files can't be imported from emails
- Lack of way to import multiple files at once
- Sliding window is difficult to use (replacing with popup windows)

In order to fix the library issue, I have to move the database back to internal storage. When I made the change to move the database file, I did not take into account the fact that often that area of the SD card can be locked. When that occurs, my logic causes the library to not load correctly, which displays 0 songs. Unfortunately, this also results in the library being saved out with 0 songs. If you find that this happens to you right now, there IS a workaround. Please follow these directions:

Navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheets/files with a file browser. In this directory, you should see a mobilesheets.db and a mobilesheets.db.backup. Verify that the backup file has a much larger size than the other (if it does not, then this workaround will not work). Delete mobilesheets.db, copy mobilesheets.db.backup, and paste it as mobilesheets.db. Go back to your home screen. Hold the recent button, and swipe MobileSheets to the right to force it to close. Do the same for the file browser. Now reload MobileSheets. Your library should load correctly now. If it does not, the directory listed above must have been locked, so you may have to repeat the steps.

This workaround is tedious, but I should have the update ready in the next couple days. Hopefully most people are not experiencing this issue. I have added the ability to import/export the database, so this should allow people to backup their song metadata manually if they want to.