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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro 1.0.7 and CompanionPro 2.0.6 Released
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I'm pleased to announce the release of updates to both MS Pro and the companion app. This is a fairly big update because I've updated the entire application to use Google's new material design theme. I tried to incorporate as much of it as I reasonably could. I'd love to hear feedback from people to see what they do or don't like, and what is or is not working.  I've also changed text and chord pro files so that they will use as much of the screen as they can by splitting into as many columns as possible. This should work really well with larger tablets.

- Updated to use the new material design theme in Lollipop
- Added additional sorting options to the Songs tab including a numerical sort
- Text and Chord Pro files will now use as many columns as will fit on the screen
- Fixed intermittent page size issues with switching between portrait/landscape orientation
- Added select all/select none buttons to the toolbar at the bottom right of the library (after starting a selection)
- Volume is now saved per audio file
- Fixed issue with rotation not showing parts of PDFs
- Fixed issue with restoring MS backups that can cause identically named files to overwrite each other
- Switched Annotation settings windows so that windows are only hidden when tapping the minimize icon. The settings at the top left control their future visibility.
- Fixed a large number of reported crashes

Companion app
- Fixed reported crashes
- Updated database code to account for new audio file volume setting

The new MSPro (v1.0.7) has not appeared on Play Store - what sort of delay should we expect?
I have seen delays in the order of 4-5 hours in the past . . .
. . . and this time it's in the order of 3 hours
Obviously, I was just too quick off the mark Smile .

Updating right now.
Had a quick look. Had no idea what to expect from the 'material design' changes when running android 4.4.
So far I noticed a couple of things :
- The option part in the top if the screen is now coloured blue. Which makes it stand out from the tabs which is nice. But is a new kind of blue. Not the same as the blue used to show the current tab. I don't know if this is intentional, but if it has no goal, I if feel it would be better to use the same blue as for the tabs (which better matches the MSPro logo colour)
- the exit window has a new layout (and text colour)
- some text on a black back ground has a changed colour (blue) other text is (still) white
- some input fields have blue underlining, others have white underlining, still others have no underlining ...

So to me at the moment, the goal of 'material design' changes is not really clear. Maybe one needs Lollipop ?
Broadly, it seems to be a Lollipop thing.

I found this interesting -

As with most of this development, it's mainly aimed at 'phones. Not sure how much impact it will have on those of us using larger tablets.
There were a couple things that drove the decision to move to the Lollipop theme:

1) I needed to update the tools I use for development, as Google is only going to support Android Studio in the future
2) I needed to update the libraries I was using so that I had the latest fixes from Google. This also ensured that users running Lollipop devices would see the lollipop theme instead of the old Holo theme in MS Pro
3) I wanted to keep a more consistent theme between different OS versions,. Users will see the material theme wherever it's supported (dialogs, widgets, etc), but some screens such as the settings screen will be different depending upon the OS version. Google hasn't added support to make this consistent across OS versions yet.
4) By and large, people seem to really like the material design, so my hope was that it would be an improvement over the old Holo theme. The verdict is still out on this when it comes to MS Pro though.

I'm going to be tweaking some things over time when it makes sense. Lollipop dropdowns (called Spinners) don't work well if nothing is selected, so I may change the selections on the song editor fields tab to use a different control that more clearly shows where to tap. I need to do more testing on devices that aren't running Lollipop to see if other things need to be adjusted as well.

As far as the colors, the darker blue works really well with the white text, as it makes the text stand out really well. The lighter blue used in the tab selection would be a lot less pleasant with white text (I will test this to be sure). It may look nice if I switched to a darker text color though. I don't think this color difference really matters though - if anything, I think it's probably better that there is a difference, as one is just a background color, whereas the other signifies a current selection.

I knew there had to be a valid reason for you to make the switch to 'material'. Thanks for explaining!

About the blue: I understand your reasoning concerning readability. But looking at tapatalk app, they use the same blue for tab selection and in the (background) cercle for the pen. The pen is also white and I think readability there is still quite good.
You currently use still a third variation of blue for the the text in (amoung others) the exit screen and there, readability is a little less (probably helped by the not really black background)
Personally I find all those different colour variations of blue to be a little distracting. Having 'Tab selection', 'Edit options' background and currently blueish texts appearing in the same kind of blue (the one of the tab selection) would feel more relaxed, to me at least.
(come to think of it, the blue title bar in the setlist detail library screen could also be changed to this 'Tab Selection' blue).

Looking at Tapatalk and Evernote as examples they seeme to have choosen an icon colour to appear on several levels in their application (orange for Tapatalk, green for Evergreen). And they stick to that same variation of the colour, which give the G.U.I (graph. user interface) a typical Tapaltalk or Evernote look and feel.
Also they did not go for the most hard/contrasting colour but a bit more soft watercoloury variation, which I also seem to find in Gmail app for example.

Just my two cents worth though, I am not a graphical / easthetical professional or so :-)
Sorry, I'm a new Android user and new MSP user as well. Just bought the app from Google play, but am stuck at version 1.1.5.
Just installed on an Acer 21.5" all-in-one.
How can I update to 1.0.7?

All help/suggestions greatly appreciated.
Hello Alan,

1.1.5 is newer than 1.0.7 and is the latest version. There is nothing you need to do.

Alan's post might be a hint that announcing new versions under "News" would be helpful.
No huge efforts please, just the versions could be enough. Or a copy of the version history that shows up in PlayStore and in MSP itself.
Good Evening:

Mine updated yesterday and the backup library hangs and doesn't complete on the companion but the tablet shows it completed. It also does not show on the pc if you cancel because it never completes.

However if you copy the file you can save it to a different location, however I can't verify as it won't open.

I have mobile sheets on a small android tablet and a large one. the backup ran successfully off of the larger device after I removed the older version of the companion from the pc.

However it still failed on the same song from the smaller tablet. I then deleted and re-added the song. Tried the backup again still had an issue with the success and cancel button so the backup didn't save.

Then deleted the old version from the tablet (green icon). Ran the backup and it indicates completed 100% then you can cancel in companion but it does not save the backup. The tablet indicates it completed 100%.

Then re-run and hit disconnect on the tablet it still ends up with cancel as the only option to exit. If you do so you have lost the backup.

Any suggestions? Or data needed? I can try to restore from the backup of the other device and see if it then works.