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Full Version: ChoPro in Portrait: Continuous view?
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When viewing ChoPro files in portrait orientation, is it possible to view it as one continuous piece of text instead of individual pages? Dividing the text into pages is not really handy, e.g. when a verse of chorus gets spread over the page split.
Yes, this is what I use currently. It is good as a first approximation.
Crucial for continuous view is that there is no paging at all. No headers, no footers. Important: ignore {new_page} and {column_break} (in vertical view these directives generate a huge white space).

Paging is for printing on sheets of paper (or when the input is page-oriented, e.g., PDF documents — ChoPro is a long stream of text lines). When the display is a view on the contents that scrolls up and down, there's simply no use for paging ... the song is one very long page.
I agree with you.
Unfortunately Mike replied this in another thread in reply to me:
I would have hoped he could work out a way for txt and pro files to do this.
About the best I can offer would be to have a mode or option where the vertical scrolling display mode would recognize when a chord pro/text file is loaded, and eliminate all top/bottom margins except for very top margin, and eliminate the gaps between pages. This would make it seem like one continuous page, but the concept of paging would still be intact. This may in essence get you what you want without me having to redesign very much.

Personally I don't want you to have to do much at all. No hurry for me, just when you get to it.
(05-14-2015, 12:08 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]This would make it seem like one continuous page, but the concept of paging would still be intact.

Mike, I appreciate your offer.

I don't know the internals of MS so I cannot really comment on whether this would be a good approach and/or require much work. I had hoped that by rendering the ChoPro as one long page it would automatically fit in the paging concepts of MS.

I'm with bumblebee "No hurry for me, just when you get to it." Currently there are more important issues to solve.