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Full Version: Top of page masked by information bar
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I thought we had got rid of this a while back, or maybe I haven't been using charts that would fill the page completely Wink .

Basically, you can have a situation where the top of the chart is hidden by MSPro information. The screenshot shows an example of what I am talking about.

Of course, I can remove the two panels that are in the way, but I like to know what the next song in a setlist is and keeping the title bar is the only way I know the number of pages (which is why I asked, a little while ago, if there could be another way to display that particular piece of information.

At the moment, I have to resort to zooming any chart that shows this little problem, but I would rather not do that.
I'm not currently adjusting the page position based upon the next up song bar. I just added a bugzilla issue to fix this. Enough people seem to want it that I think it's worth changing.
Thanks Mike. I was going to do a bugzilla report this morning to cover this, but you've save me the effort.

I'm not sure how you were thinking of approaching this, but simply pushing the chart down could mean the bottom of the chart being cut off (that would certainly happen with the one in my screenshot, above). Seems to me that some sort of 'auto zoom' would need to be implemented.
my ideas for the 'Next Song' bar
- allow selecting 'transparent' as background colour
- 'next song' info right aligned
- 'page x of y' info left aligned
- the settings button is not required to be on the bar itself. Specifying these in the general settings window is sufficient
That's what I like to see on stage
Agreed, all the information I want is how many pages the current chart is, any notes appertaining to the current chart and what the next one will be. For performance purposes, that's really all that I need. However, other users will have different requirements.

I think the problem here is these bits of information are not on one bar. If the notes could be accessed via a touch (as can many other functions) that would solve part of the problem, but you still have the other two bits of information on one each of two bars. I think the simplest solution (from Mike's point of view) is to leave things exactly as they are but implement an automatic zoom to take account of the actual real estate available on the screen, after taking into account the current and next song bars. That way, no matter what display mode the user selects (many might not want one or both bars showing) the chart would be re-sized accordingly.